Two Light Sliding

Patio Door Collection

When you think of your new home or building addition, you dream of comfort, beauty and security for your family.  Rely on its strength, performance, durability and ease of handling. The Energy King Series is truly a combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced material.

Two Light Slider (OX/XO) patio door is a classic patio door with traditional right-hand (OX) and left-hand (XO) configuration.

It is just perfect for your remodelling & new home project!

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5′ 0″ x 6′ 8″    or   6′ 0″ x 6′ 8″

5′ 0″ x 6″ 8″    –   62 3/8″ x 81  7/8″

6′ 0″ x 6″ 8″    –   74 3/8″ x 81  7/8″

5′ 0″ x 6′ 8″

5′ 2-7/8″ (62 7/8″) x 6′ 10-3/8″ (82 3/8″)

6′ 0″ x 6′ 8″

6′ 2-7/8″ (74 7/8″) x 6′ 10-3/8″ (82 3/8″)

Two Light Sliding Patio Door

Clear Low-E and Argon or Optional 15 Light Internal Muntins

5′ 0″ x 6′ 8″  and  6′ 0″ x 6′ 8″

 Also available with:

     Raise & Lower Tilt Blinds In 6′ 0″ x 6′ 8″ Units.



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Patio doors are bound to be great features in any home. These doors are designed to give you easy access as well as allow natural light to create great views of your interior spaces. Modern patio doors are made of frames and materials that prevent heat loss and offer more security. These doors feature great improvements and offer customers a wide variety from which they can choose.


Construction of sliding patio doors comes down to vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel and clad-wood. While each of these materials has its strengths and weaknesses, sliding glass doors have a number of advantages. These doors are some of the most energy efficient and are constructed to prevent leakage. Glass looks and feels good and can also withstand any type of climate. The material ensures that you will have a beautiful door for many years.


Since the choice of a patio door comes down to aesthetics and functionality, you should be aware of the different styles available when looking for the doors. There are three basic styles when it comes to patio doors.

Sliding patio doors – sliding patio doors are also known as bypass or gliding doors. The doors are very popular since they allow in plenty of natural light and are easy to maintain. Sliding doors come with panels that run parallel to the walls so that there is minimal interference with walking areas and furniture positions.

Swinging patio doors – these doors operate just like standard exterior doors. They feature glass construction and will usually come in pairs. While the doors open like butterfly wings, there are French doors which leave the area between the hinges clear when they open.

Folding patio doors – folding doors are accordion-style operation, with each section folding away when the door opens.

Better Features

Patio doors are designed to make your home fully sealed and warm. The multi-point locking systems of the door enhance security while the finishes improve the aesthetic value of the doors.

As leaders in the industry, we offer guarantees that protect your doors over time. Whether you are looking for sliding doors, swinging doors or folding doors, we can provide doors that are made to your specifications. The patio doors ensure a perfect fit for greater appearance and functionality.