French vs Sliding Patio Doors: Which Patio Door Style is Best?

Patio Sliding Doors
If you have a patio off your house, you’ll naturally want to be able to use it regularly and easily. This means installing doors that go between your home and patio. But what many people don’t realize is that there are actually two types of patio doors to choose from: sliding or gliding doors and French style doors.

What’s the difference? Read on.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are, as you might have imagined, are doors that slide from right to left or left to right. They move along a track, which makes them nice if your home is small because the doors don’t have to swing out to possibly hit obstructions like furniture — or people.

Many people think that sliding doors are more contemporary and modern-looking. They often have strong, multipoint locking systems, which makes them especially secure.

French Style Patio Doors

Unlike sliding patio doors, French style doors swing open just as regular doors do. Most of the time, there will be one door panel that is active, and the other panel can be locked.

These doors require space because they must swing open, but when necessary, they look regal and grand. Plus, being able to open both doors creates a much wider opening than most doors provide.

Which Patio Doors Should You Choose?

In the end, choosing between French style and sliding glass doors for your patio all comes down to preference. But no matter what style of patio doors you choose, what’s most essential is to ensure that they are fully sealed and warm. You’ll want them to lock tightly for safety, security, and energy efficiency.

When you put these factors first, you’ll certainly be able to find lovely, high-quality French style or sliding doors for your patio.