A beautifully designed entry sets the stage for the rest of the home. It tells the world something about who you are. And creates a welcoming passage from public space to private abode. Nothing does that better than handcrafted doorglass. It’s a wise investment that improves the look and value of your home and adds beauty to everyday living.



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Choosing and buying the most suitable entrance doors for your home or building can offer you numerous benefits. Windows Factory Outlet understands what customers look for when shopping for doors to install in their newly constructed homes as well as when upgrading their homes. This is why we stock a wide variety of doors to increase the options available to you. Our entry doors can be used as front doors, back doors as well as on the side.

Different Materials

The exterior doors that we stock feature a variety of materials. This makes it easy for you to choose the door that will best suit your needs. Some of the door materials to consider include fiberglass, steel and wood. Regardless of the material you want for your doors, we promise to deliver top quality doors that will help you realize strength and durability.

Great Features

In an attempt to enhance the functionality of both the doors and your home, we ensure that the doors have great features. The steel and fiberglass doors have excellent insulating value, making them impressively energy-efficient. Our doors also feature adjustable threshold to keep them weather-tight for a long time. The rails with which the doors come are covered with veneer. This is aimed at ensuring that they are resistant to warping and will give you value for money. The entrance doors are also made to improve the security of your home.


The designs of our doors are aimed at matching the style of your home. We have designs to compliment classic, modern and contemporary styles. Depending on the style of your home as well as your personal taste, our experts will help you to identify the best door.

Low Prices

We distinguish ourselves from other players in the industry by offering you competitive prices. Our mission is to make the front doors available to you without having to break the bank. Even with the affordable prices, we still stand by the quality of our products.


To get the most from your exterior doors, the installation has to be done properly. Once you buy the doors from us, we will provide you with skilled carpenters so that the job is done to the highest standards.