How to Make a Statement With Your Front Door

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Front doors are often chosen strictly with security in mind. Yet as the first thing most guests see upon visiting your home, your exterior doors are making a big statement about your style and values without you even noticing. Make sure you’re making the right statement by considering the following four ways to say more with the right front doors.

Try a New Material

Wood is the standard and traditional material for front doors, but it’s far from the only option. Sleek aluminum and glass features give a home a much more modern and stylish look without sacrificing privacy or security. Consider offset and asymmetrical designs to really draw attention to the entryway.

Pick a Bold Color

Even if you settle for classic wood, there’s no limit to the color options available for making every exterior door pop. Bright colors draw the eye in and help catch attention, while more muted tones still make a statement without shouting. Think outside of the box instead of just matching your door to the rest of the exterior. Contrasting colors in particular look great, such as a blue door on a house with red siding or paint.

Dress It Up Seasonally

Regardless of the exterior doors you choose for installation, you can still make them exciting and stylish by changing the decorative details seasonally. Wreaths, garlands, lanterns, and other easy to change details all spice up the entryway without requiring you to buy and install a brand-new door. Don’t forget about interior details like curtains or swashes hung inside to add privacy and a burst of pattern and color.

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What Is the Best Material for Your Exterior Door

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When choosing the best front door and other exterior doors for your home, several factors should be considered, including security, durability, style, and personal taste. Reviewing your options before shopping can help orient your exact needs and expectations for exterior and front doors, which will assist in making a smart ultimate decision in the end.

Most exterior doors come in one of the following materials:

Steel: Of all exterior and front door materials, steel is the most durable, which makes it the most secure as well. It’s also a cost-effective option, and because of its durability, it keeps heat and air conditioning tightly inside your home, making it energy efficient too.

Wood: Those looking for optimal elegance and sophistication may find that a wooden door suits them best. Solid wood can stand up to wear and tear quite well also. Even minor scratches will simply add to the overall beauty and character of a wooden door, or when the distress reaches a peak, wooden doors can be refinished.

Fiberglass: Over time, you’ll notice that fiberglass doors wear better than both wood and steel. They are largely resistant to dents and require almost no maintenance. They are also affordable and available in several different finishes. Certain finishes can even make fiberglass doors look exactly like solid wood — despite their prices being more affordable than real wood. Fiberglass doors can also be painted or stained.

Glass: Finally, for another stylish and sophisticated option, consider glass. Within steel, wood, or fiberglass frames, glass panels with various finishes and designs can be configured for an elegant look that complements any home. Keep in mind, however, that glass doors can break easily and are not suitable as the sole barrier to a home.

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What Your Entry Door Says About You

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You can actually get to know someone by checking the color and design of their front door. The front doors are not only an entrance to your house, it is a portal to your personality. The color of that front door does not only blend well with your exterior color palette, you are making a statement and you should consider what that statement means. Before you reach out for a random coat of paint for your exterior doors, consider what it means and how people will perceive you for your choice.


This means you are classic, serious and chic. The black color can be made playful with colorful accents or made to look strong and authoritative with crisp white trims.


White shows cleanliness, serenity, and simplicity. It means you really like Scandinavian design or you’re just a neat freak.

Dark Wood

This easily goes with many exterior paint colors and usually has a design that allows pets to look outside through the front doors. It also means you are kind and generous to a fault.


This feng shui design philosophy means welcome and is said to bring good luck. The color is linked with action, positive energy, hospitality, and energy.


Light blue is linked with calmness and trust but dark blue spells a traditional person. It works well with brass accessories and the all-time favorite American flag.


Is linked to sophistication and royalty. This shows an artistic collector happy with their life choices.


Reflects wealth and shows a peaceful person. This also shows an autumn lover. A vivid green shade is better than a neutral tone.


Stands for knowledge, dignity, and compromise. This person has an appreciation for subtle beauty and seems uptight.


This person is looking to make an impression and stand out amongst others. Too much of the same design inside shows anxiety but a splash amidst dark spots looks good.

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Buy the Perfect Front Door for Your Home: 5 Tips

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Ready to make a beautiful entrance? Windows Factory Outlet is standing by. Whether your home is new or you’re upgrading your current home, look to us for a high-quality front door at a welcoming price.

Exterior doors should be tough and handsome, making a great first impression on guests (and the market). Here are the key points to consider when selecting your new door.

1. Elegance

Wood sets the standard “look” for front doors. Yet steel and fiberglass can feature elegant wood-grain designs, and need much less work to keep them looking their best.

Handcrafted glass can create a beautiful first impression and a bright, welcoming entranceway, complimenting classic or contemporary homes.

2. Energy Efficiency and Resilience

Fiberglass or wood will stand up to storms and use. If wood is your choice, get enduring, furniture-grade veneers at least 1/16 inch thick.

Steel and fiberglass doors typically rate highest for insulation value, humidity protection, and easy care. With adjustable thresholds, they’ll stay weather-tight. (Most heat loss occurs around the thresholds, not through the door). Accompanying rails should include warp-resistant veneer.

3. Good Lock System

Battering ram tests for Consumer Reports proved there’s not much difference in strength among door materials. Be sure to choose a quality door lock.

4. Value for Money

Metal or fiberglass can offer you sound security and weather resistance—and great value, too. Steel is warp-resistant. And an inexpensive auto-body repair kit will take care of any scratches or dents. Many new wood doors resist the elements, yet modern fiberglass or steel models offer high security and value for money.

5. Convenient and Correct Installation

Exterior doors pre-hung in a frame, already drilled for knob and deadbolt, are today’s popular choice. Expert installation makes the perfect impression.

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