How to Choose the Perfect Patio Doors for Your Home

Bedroom Patio Doors
Whether you just had a new patio installed and need to choose doors or you want to replace the inefficient doors you already have, you need to consider several factors when making your decision.

What’s Your Type?

The sliding glass door remains popular with homeowners because it’s easy to care for and takes up little space. Sliding glass doors also offer a direct view to the outdoors and allow natural light to come into your home. You can even choose two-lite or three-lite patio doors that give you greater customization options.

A French-style swinging patio door is a great option for homeowners who want to maintain a certain decorating theme. They swing open wide enough to provide a clear view of the outdoors. These types of doors, also called hinged patio doors, can make an excellent alternative for porches and verandas as well.

The bi-fold patio door offers excellent energy efficiency and folds away neatly. Its appearance and function resembles an accordion and it’s easy to maintain. Bi-fold patio doors have up to eight panels.

Consider the Material

Vinyl is a popular choice of materials for patio doors due to its low cost, durability, and excellent energy efficiency. It lasts for years without flaking or peeling. Other options to consider include:

  • Aluminum: When you prefer more lightweight material, aluminum is a great choice. Aluminum is durable and costs less than wood.
  • Clad: This highly efficient and strong material offers protection from the outdoor elements while also providing a beautiful wood finish indoors.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass imitates wood, but can stand up to harsher weather conditions and handles moisture better.
  • Wood: Wood provides a natural appearance with many different style options. It also offers strong protection from the outdoors.

Window Factory Outlet works with multiple manufacturers to offer you the widest selection. We would be happy to help you evaluate your patio door options so you choose the one that’s just right for your home.

What Your Entry Door Says About You

Porch With Brown Entry Door
You can actually get to know someone by checking the color and design of their front door. The front doors are not only an entrance to your house, it is a portal to your personality. The color of that front door does not only blend well with your exterior color palette, you are making a statement and you should consider what that statement means. Before you reach out for a random coat of paint for your exterior doors, consider what it means and how people will perceive you for your choice.


This means you are classic, serious and chic. The black color can be made playful with colorful accents or made to look strong and authoritative with crisp white trims.


White shows cleanliness, serenity, and simplicity. It means you really like Scandinavian design or you’re just a neat freak.

Dark Wood

This easily goes with many exterior paint colors and usually has a design that allows pets to look outside through the front doors. It also means you are kind and generous to a fault.


This feng shui design philosophy means welcome and is said to bring good luck. The color is linked with action, positive energy, hospitality, and energy.


Light blue is linked with calmness and trust but dark blue spells a traditional person. It works well with brass accessories and the all-time favorite American flag.


Is linked to sophistication and royalty. This shows an artistic collector happy with their life choices.


Reflects wealth and shows a peaceful person. This also shows an autumn lover. A vivid green shade is better than a neutral tone.


Stands for knowledge, dignity, and compromise. This person has an appreciation for subtle beauty and seems uptight.


This person is looking to make an impression and stand out amongst others. Too much of the same design inside shows anxiety but a splash amidst dark spots looks good.

Window Factory Outlet is one of the premier designers of stylish entry doors. They have custom paint color blends like Antique Ivory, Pebble, Burgundy, Black, Bronze, Brown, and Green. You also get a to choose from a wide range of door styles like No Glass, 1/2 Lite Glass with prairie grids, 3/4 or Full Lite Glass with internal contour grids, and Oval Glass. With a collection of decorative door glasses like Neo Deco side light, Full Neo Deco, Chatham, Oval Victorian Classic, Orleans, and Orleans side light.

Five Tips for Selecting Patio Doors

Living Room Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors, slider or patio doors offers homeowners and commercial building managers a flexibility of customizing their patio doors to fit various architectural styles of their properties. The type of sliding glass door that you choose for your home wholly depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, convenience, and home’s design. A sliding patio door is usually one unit with two-panel sections. Here are five tips to guide you in selecting the perfect patio doors that will give your home an elegant and stylish finish.


The purpose of installing the sliding glass doors is to enable one window to slide to one side or hide in a pocket wall to allow access to outdoors and fresh air from outside. The patio door you invest in should slide with ease without much effort.


In order to achieve the rich and stylish look for your balcony or patio, you have to invest in custom made sliding glass doors that satisfy your home’s design. Therefore, you can consider the French designs if your home has a traditional style or go for the contemporary options if your home has a modern design.


Some of the commonly used materials in manufacturing sliding doors include Vinyl, wood, and aluminum frames. Vinyl is more recommendable because it withstands warping that is prone to materials that absorb moisture.


Vinyl sliding patio doors don’t require regular scraping, painting or staining to keep them in good shape as is the case with metallic or wood doors. In fact, they’re highly resistant to scratches and thus suitable for homes with pets and young kids.

Energy Efficiency

Invest in sliding doors that won’t be costly regarding energy consumption. Vinyl patio doors are better options because they are resistant to heat flow.

Don’t settle for the cheapest or most expensive options of sliding glass doors in the market, but instead choose the best patio doors that your budget can afford. Consider comparing the durability of the available options before making a purchase. Wood and metal patio doors are a bit expensive as compared to vinyl sliding doors depending on the supplier.

Contact Window Factory Outlet to learn more about glass doors and tips on how to select the most suitable doors for your home.

Buy the Perfect Front Door for Your Home: 5 Tips

Blue Front Entry Door
Ready to make a beautiful entrance? Windows Factory Outlet is standing by. Whether your home is new or you’re upgrading your current home, look to us for a high-quality front door at a welcoming price.

Exterior doors should be tough and handsome, making a great first impression on guests (and the market). Here are the key points to consider when selecting your new door.

1. Elegance

Wood sets the standard “look” for front doors. Yet steel and fiberglass can feature elegant wood-grain designs, and need much less work to keep them looking their best.

Handcrafted glass can create a beautiful first impression and a bright, welcoming entranceway, complimenting classic or contemporary homes.

2. Energy Efficiency and Resilience

Fiberglass or wood will stand up to storms and use. If wood is your choice, get enduring, furniture-grade veneers at least 1/16 inch thick.

Steel and fiberglass doors typically rate highest for insulation value, humidity protection, and easy care. With adjustable thresholds, they’ll stay weather-tight. (Most heat loss occurs around the thresholds, not through the door). Accompanying rails should include warp-resistant veneer.

3. Good Lock System

Battering ram tests for Consumer Reports proved there’s not much difference in strength among door materials. Be sure to choose a quality door lock.

4. Value for Money

Metal or fiberglass can offer you sound security and weather resistance—and great value, too. Steel is warp-resistant. And an inexpensive auto-body repair kit will take care of any scratches or dents. Many new wood doors resist the elements, yet modern fiberglass or steel models offer high security and value for money.

5. Convenient and Correct Installation

Exterior doors pre-hung in a frame, already drilled for knob and deadbolt, are today’s popular choice. Expert installation makes the perfect impression.

Choose from many styles at Window Factory Outlet. We have glass accents. Find Neo Deco, Oval Victorian, Chatham, and more! Our experts can help you choose the door that optimizes the beauty and value of your home. Plus, we’ll send you skilled carpenters who adhere to the highest installation standards.

The Importance of Energy-Saving Replacement Windows

Energy Saving Windows
Energy saving replacement windows conserve your finances and reduce the overall demand on energy resources. Standard windows in general, generate costs, and these costs accumulate each month. What may seem like a nominal sum today can add up to a significant amount in no time. According to House Logic, window replacement projects produce a $12,000 return on value. House Logic also cites the “Remodeling Impact Report,” a study that found an 80% financial return on project cost in estimated home value. Some of the features of an energy saving replacement window include; the Low – E factor, which is one of the most important reasons to purchase replacement windows. It is a reflective coating that blocks out harmful UV rays, keeping the heat out during the summer and inside the home during the winter; Gas Fills, like Argon, for example, add to the strength and effect of insulation and boosts the energy rating; and Spacers, assist the insulation effect and also prevents condensation in the glass.

Window Factory Outlet

Window Factory Outlet provides customers with a wide variety of choices so that you can select your ideal windows complete with all the desired features and components. Window Factory Outlet offers every type of energy saving replacement window you will ever need including New Construction windows – which usually need to be replaced after a period of 15 years, and best used to improve the efficiency, upkeep, and style of your current decor. Increase the amount of beautiful and energy-saving natural light within your home; Replacement Windows – reduce outside noise, generate energy savings, increase the value of the home, and improve security. Our replacement windows enhance both the functionality and the overall aesthetic, and Vinyl Windows – crafted and designed to complement the current motif and color scheme and of your home and property. Vinyl welded frames are sturdy and long-lasting, providing durable resistance to the elements over many years.

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8 Types of Windows to Consider for Your Home

Living Room With Bay Window
Windows are functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are many shapes and styles to choose from. Consider the room you are designing and the ways you intend to use it. Carefully imagine each room in the style you want to convey. Your ideal window style is determined by your preference and the room you are designing. Below are different types of windows you may want to consider.

  • Stationary windows are ideal if you prefer very large, picture windows that do not open. They are the best for admitting lots of natural light into the room and to maximize your view of the outside.
  • Slider windows slide to either to the right or left in the sash of the frame. They remain flush with the panel and do not extend outward or into the home when opened.
  • Single hung windows are opened by sliding the bottom panel upward. The top window does not slide and remains stationary.
  • Double hung windows are a very popular. This window can be opened either by sliding the top down or sliding the bottom up.
  • Transom windows are smaller windows placed above doors or other windows. Ordinarily, transom windows are positioned high to allow extra light to enter the room. Window coverings are not often needed. Transoms come in many different shapes such as elliptical, half round, triangle or eyebrow to add character to a room. Most transom windows are stationary, but they may be made to open if you prefer.
  • Bay windows add a popular design element to your decor. They create the feeling of greater living space by expanding outward. Bay windows are placed in dining areas to accommodate a kitchen table or in a bedroom to create a cozy area for sitting. They come in double hung, single hung, stationary, or casement window types.
  • Casement windows are opened by turning a crank handle. The crank may be turned in either direction to open outwards.
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom outwards. Most are a louvered style, which can add a cottage-style charm to a room.

To learn more about your options when installing new windows, contact the window experts at Window Factory Outlet. Our professional staff is waiting to answer all your window-related questions.