How to Make a Statement With Your Front Door

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Front doors are often chosen strictly with security in mind. Yet as the first thing most guests see upon visiting your home, your exterior doors are making a big statement about your style and values without you even noticing. Make sure you’re making the right statement by considering the following four ways to say more with the right front doors.

Try a New Material

Wood is the standard and traditional material for front doors, but it’s far from the only option. Sleek aluminum and glass features give a home a much more modern and stylish look without sacrificing privacy or security. Consider offset and asymmetrical designs to really draw attention to the entryway.

Pick a Bold Color

Even if you settle for classic wood, there’s no limit to the color options available for making every exterior door pop. Bright colors draw the eye in and help catch attention, while more muted tones still make a statement without shouting. Think outside of the box instead of just matching your door to the rest of the exterior. Contrasting colors in particular look great, such as a blue door on a house with red siding or paint.

Dress It Up Seasonally

Regardless of the exterior doors you choose for installation, you can still make them exciting and stylish by changing the decorative details seasonally. Wreaths, garlands, lanterns, and other easy to change details all spice up the entryway without requiring you to buy and install a brand-new door. Don’t forget about interior details like curtains or swashes hung inside to add privacy and a burst of pattern and color.

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The Right Patio Door Provides a Room With a View

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Have you ever looked out your window and wished that you had a expand your living space without spending a fortune? A patio is the ideal option for anyone looking to spend more of their life in the great outdoors, yet still enjoy some of the benefits of being inside. When you create a patio space, it’s important to get the right type of patio door that will not only accentuate the interior of your home but provide a lovely transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Learn more about sliding glass doors and see which one is right for you!

Benefits of Updating Your Patio Doors

Your patio doors are the conduit between the inside and outside of your home, and they likely take quite a beating. From kids and animals constantly slamming the doors to the inevitable seepage of air around the insulation, replacing your patio doors can provide a lot of benefits for your home.

Types of Patio Doors

The right patio doors upgrade your view and can add a great deal of style to your home. While you can customize your doors with a variety of finishes, interior stains and hardware, the main types of doors include:

  • Hinged French patio doors are a timeless and sophisticated classic
  • Sliding French doors save space while adding a beautiful touch to your home
  • Contemporary gliding patio doors provide exceptional views with thin frames

Contemporary gliding patio doors also come in a range of options, including urethane-based finish on wood or a vinyl sheath that provides a low-maintenance exterior.

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5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Windows

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You like to think that your windows will last forever. However, even the best-quality, most well-maintained windows will need replacing after a few years or decades of use.

Still, there are number of factors to consider when it comes to replacements. Here are the key signs you’ll notice if your home is trying to tell you that you need replacement windows.

1. You notice warping, breakages, or other damage.

Naturally, at the first sign of severe warping, window breakages, and other noticeable damage, you should investigate replacement windows.

2. Your energy bills are skyrocketing.

Older windows that need replacing will allow heat out during the winter and coolness out during the summer. Your energy bills can be reduced by 10 to 25% after getting replacements.

3. You’re having difficulty closing, opening, or locking your windows.

If windows were not installed correctly in the first place, this can cause serious damage down the line, such as warping and rusting. In the end, this may make it difficult to open, close, and unlock your windows, and replacements will be necessary.

4. You feel drafts or notice a lot of outdoor noise.

You shouldn’t be feeling breezes or drafts from your windows when they are closed, and you shouldn’t be hearing especially loud noises from outdoors either. If the latter is true, new double or triple pane windows can be added to help dull outdoor noises. Drafts also necessitate new installation.

5. The window styles don’t match your home style.

Depending on when you purchased your house, when it was built, and what you want the style to look like, you may need to replace your windows if they don’t currently match your décor choices.

Vinyl windows that past homeowners put into a historic home, for instance, may detract from the classic, old-style look of your house, and changing out these windows for a more traditional look will be beneficial.

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What Is the Best Material for Your Exterior Door

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When choosing the best front door and other exterior doors for your home, several factors should be considered, including security, durability, style, and personal taste. Reviewing your options before shopping can help orient your exact needs and expectations for exterior and front doors, which will assist in making a smart ultimate decision in the end.

Most exterior doors come in one of the following materials:

Steel: Of all exterior and front door materials, steel is the most durable, which makes it the most secure as well. It’s also a cost-effective option, and because of its durability, it keeps heat and air conditioning tightly inside your home, making it energy efficient too.

Wood: Those looking for optimal elegance and sophistication may find that a wooden door suits them best. Solid wood can stand up to wear and tear quite well also. Even minor scratches will simply add to the overall beauty and character of a wooden door, or when the distress reaches a peak, wooden doors can be refinished.

Fiberglass: Over time, you’ll notice that fiberglass doors wear better than both wood and steel. They are largely resistant to dents and require almost no maintenance. They are also affordable and available in several different finishes. Certain finishes can even make fiberglass doors look exactly like solid wood — despite their prices being more affordable than real wood. Fiberglass doors can also be painted or stained.

Glass: Finally, for another stylish and sophisticated option, consider glass. Within steel, wood, or fiberglass frames, glass panels with various finishes and designs can be configured for an elegant look that complements any home. Keep in mind, however, that glass doors can break easily and are not suitable as the sole barrier to a home.

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Window Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Home

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So many factors go into purchasing a new home, but one factor should stand out above the rest: Your windows.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Your windows will play a huge role in how your home looks from the inside and outside, how expensive your energy bills are, the views you can see from various rooms, and the overall market value of the house.

When shopping for a new home, therefore, make sure to look out for these key window features:

Possible Leaks and Energy Efficiency

Think quality and money first. When buying a new home in New York, you want energy-efficient windows, meaning they’re insulated enough to withstand cold weather and don’t have major leaks.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell how well a home’s windows will stand up against cold temperatures and harsh winds. In this case, check the age of the windows. Are they older than 10 or 15 years? You might need to consider replacement windows.


Next comes style, and there are many considerations to make here. A lot of this has to do with personal preference. For example, you’ll usually have style options such as casement windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows, and various combinations of these styles.

On casement windows, the sash opens out, which some homeowners won’t like. It can hit outdoor shrubs or flower boxes. Others love the ease of use. But on double-hung windows, you open up and down, which is great for ventilation, but takes two hands to close and open.

You’ll want to make a choice that suits your needs. Check out our window options to learn more about each style.

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French vs Sliding Patio Doors: Which Patio Door Style is Best?

Patio Sliding Doors
If you have a patio off your house, you’ll naturally want to be able to use it regularly and easily. This means installing doors that go between your home and patio. But what many people don’t realize is that there are actually two types of patio doors to choose from: sliding or gliding doors and French style doors.

What’s the difference? Read on.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are, as you might have imagined, are doors that slide from right to left or left to right. They move along a track, which makes them nice if your home is small because the doors don’t have to swing out to possibly hit obstructions like furniture — or people.

Many people think that sliding doors are more contemporary and modern-looking. They often have strong, multipoint locking systems, which makes them especially secure.

French Style Patio Doors

Unlike sliding patio doors, French style doors swing open just as regular doors do. Most of the time, there will be one door panel that is active, and the other panel can be locked.

These doors require space because they must swing open, but when necessary, they look regal and grand. Plus, being able to open both doors creates a much wider opening than most doors provide.

Which Patio Doors Should You Choose?

In the end, choosing between French style and sliding glass doors for your patio all comes down to preference. But no matter what style of patio doors you choose, what’s most essential is to ensure that they are fully sealed and warm. You’ll want them to lock tightly for safety, security, and energy efficiency.

When you put these factors first, you’ll certainly be able to find lovely, high-quality French style or sliding doors for your patio.

Sliding vs. Double-Hung Windows: Which Option Is Best for my Home?

Sliding Windows
Not sure whether sliding or double-hung windows are best for your home? You’re not alone! This is a common dilemma that many homeowners face.

Below, we’ll outline the main differences between both of these window types so that you can find the perfect option for your home and family.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows open vertically and offer a more classic look. They’re best for window openings that are taller than they are wide. Both the top and the bottom of the windows can open. This can be especially nice because when you open just the top sash, you get indoor ventilation that won’t flow directly on you or blow papers around on a desk, for example.

Some double-hung windows that have a tilt-wash feature as well, which allows them to be cleaned extremely easily. The main downside to double-hung windows is the main horizontal bar in the middle of the window, which is often located exactly at eye level.

Sliding Windows

As the name implies, sliding windows move side to side, and they’re optimal for wide walls where you’d rather use just one window (instead of two double-hung windows).

Ideally, all panels of your sliding windows will be able to open. This offers more options for ventilation. However, the downside of these windows is that they’re a bit more difficult to clean because you have to completely remove each panel for a full clean. The good news is that they can be removed from the inside of your house, so there’s no need to struggle in your bushes just to get to the windows!

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Getting the Most Out of Your Replacement Windows

House Replacement Windows
Replacement windows can be a great renovation for your home, but it’s important to choose the right materials. You might wish to select different materials based on whether you are keeping the home or reselling it. Here are some things to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your replacement windows.

  • Wood is not the same as it used to be. Most lumber today is grown on tree farms, so the wood has not been able to age naturally. Modern lumber is not as durable as the type that was used decades ago, so you may want to consider an alternative such as vinyl windows. Another option is wooden windows with aluminum cladding, which helps preserve the windows longer by protecting the wood from the elements.
  • The wrong windows can hurt your home’s resale value. Older homes that used wooden window framing can lose some of their aesthetic value (and resale value) if the windows are replaced with a cheaper modern material. Wood windows can be an important architectural feature to the right buyer, so you may want to match the original color and style as closely as possible.
  • Extra panes really can make a cost difference. A lot of buyers think about energy cost savings when getting replacement windows. Dual-paned windows can be make it much more efficient to heat and cool the home if you’re replacing single panes. (The difference is much smaller if you replace storm windows with dual panes.) Triple-paned windows which are built with a layer of gas trapped between the panes really can cut down your energy costs.

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How to Clean House Windows for Maximum Curb Appeal

Clean House Windows
Nothing says clean house quite like sparkling, clear windows. Windows may be the way to look into or out of your house and home, but don’t overlook them as one of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home. Ideally a homeowner should clean their windows at least twice a year to keep your windows in top form.

A lot of people clean windows the wrong way, using paper towels, spray cleaner, and a lot of extra elbow grease. When you clean up this way, you just get a lot of wadded up bits of paper and static electricity which attracts dust and dirt. It isn’t long before you need a new cleaning when you use this method.

Cleaning house windows is much easier than you think. All you need is dish soap, water, a chamois, bucket, strip applicator, squeegee, and some old cotton rags. Mix a few drops of dish soap into a bucket full of water. Dip the strip applicator in the soapy water and clean the whole window, getting it nice and soapy. Remove the soap suds from the window by applying a squeegee in a reverse S pattern, cleaning the squeegee with a cloth rag after each turn. Use a chamois to remove any moisture and clean up any last bits of water with a rag.

While you are cleaning windows is a good time to consider the condition of your windows. Are they insulating the house well and lowering your utility bills? Are there any cracks that you have come across in the glass, or are any of the panes warping? If you find that you need replacement windows, call the professionals at Window Factory Direct.

Choose the Perfect Replacement Windows for Your Home

House Windows With Couch
Do you need to replace the windows for your home? Here are five things to consider when getting new windows:

  1. A more expensive window isn’t always better. According to a leading consumer magazine, a costly window didn’t do a better job at keeping out cold air and was OK at blocking rain. Other less expensive windows, including a vinyl window, scored high in their testing.
  2. Decide the material of your windows. You can get windows made from vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. If you have an older home, wood windows might be your best choice since they may match your house’s style. If you want a window that needs less maintenance and doesn’t need to be painted, vinyl windows are a good option — and they cost less than other materials. If you can pay a little more, and want more durable windows, fiberglass composite windows might make sense.
  3. Choose the type of window glass based on where you live. If you live where it gets very cold, you may want to think about getting triple-pane windows which provide the best insulation against the cold. If you live on a noisy street, double and triple-pane windows will give you better sound insulation.
  4. Check the R-values of windows when shopping. The R-value tells how energy efficient a window is. A higher number means a window is better an insulating your home. For example, a single-pane window has a rating of 1 and triple-pane windows can range from 5 to 7 R-values.
  5. Choose a style that matches your home. If you have an older home, a window with a classic design might look better than a modern style window.

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