5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Windows

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You like to think that your windows will last forever. However, even the best-quality, most well-maintained windows will need replacing after a few years or decades of use.

Still, there are number of factors to consider when it comes to replacements. Here are the key signs you’ll notice if your home is trying to tell you that you need replacement windows.

1. You notice warping, breakages, or other damage.

Naturally, at the first sign of severe warping, window breakages, and other noticeable damage, you should investigate replacement windows.

2. Your energy bills are skyrocketing.

Older windows that need replacing will allow heat out during the winter and coolness out during the summer. Your energy bills can be reduced by 10 to 25% after getting replacements.

3. You’re having difficulty closing, opening, or locking your windows.

If windows were not installed correctly in the first place, this can cause serious damage down the line, such as warping and rusting. In the end, this may make it difficult to open, close, and unlock your windows, and replacements will be necessary.

4. You feel drafts or notice a lot of outdoor noise.

You shouldn’t be feeling breezes or drafts from your windows when they are closed, and you shouldn’t be hearing especially loud noises from outdoors either. If the latter is true, new double or triple pane windows can be added to help dull outdoor noises. Drafts also necessitate new installation.

5. The window styles don’t match your home style.

Depending on when you purchased your house, when it was built, and what you want the style to look like, you may need to replace your windows if they don’t currently match your décor choices.

Vinyl windows that past homeowners put into a historic home, for instance, may detract from the classic, old-style look of your house, and changing out these windows for a more traditional look will be beneficial.

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