How to Make a Statement With Your Front Door

House Entry Door
Front doors are often chosen strictly with security in mind. Yet as the first thing most guests see upon visiting your home, your exterior doors are making a big statement about your style and values without you even noticing. Make sure you’re making the right statement by considering the following four ways to say more with the right front doors.

Try a New Material

Wood is the standard and traditional material for front doors, but it’s far from the only option. Sleek aluminum and glass features give a home a much more modern and stylish look without sacrificing privacy or security. Consider offset and asymmetrical designs to really draw attention to the entryway.

Pick a Bold Color

Even if you settle for classic wood, there’s no limit to the color options available for making every exterior door pop. Bright colors draw the eye in and help catch attention, while more muted tones still make a statement without shouting. Think outside of the box instead of just matching your door to the rest of the exterior. Contrasting colors in particular look great, such as a blue door on a house with red siding or paint.

Dress It Up Seasonally

Regardless of the exterior doors you choose for installation, you can still make them exciting and stylish by changing the decorative details seasonally. Wreaths, garlands, lanterns, and other easy to change details all spice up the entryway without requiring you to buy and install a brand-new door. Don’t forget about interior details like curtains or swashes hung inside to add privacy and a burst of pattern and color.

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