What Is the Best Material for Your Exterior Door

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When choosing the best front door and other exterior doors for your home, several factors should be considered, including security, durability, style, and personal taste. Reviewing your options before shopping can help orient your exact needs and expectations for exterior and front doors, which will assist in making a smart ultimate decision in the end.

Most exterior doors come in one of the following materials:

Steel: Of all exterior and front door materials, steel is the most durable, which makes it the most secure as well. It’s also a cost-effective option, and because of its durability, it keeps heat and air conditioning tightly inside your home, making it energy efficient too.

Wood: Those looking for optimal elegance and sophistication may find that a wooden door suits them best. Solid wood can stand up to wear and tear quite well also. Even minor scratches will simply add to the overall beauty and character of a wooden door, or when the distress reaches a peak, wooden doors can be refinished.

Fiberglass: Over time, you’ll notice that fiberglass doors wear better than both wood and steel. They are largely resistant to dents and require almost no maintenance. They are also affordable and available in several different finishes. Certain finishes can even make fiberglass doors look exactly like solid wood — despite their prices being more affordable than real wood. Fiberglass doors can also be painted or stained.

Glass: Finally, for another stylish and sophisticated option, consider glass. Within steel, wood, or fiberglass frames, glass panels with various finishes and designs can be configured for an elegant look that complements any home. Keep in mind, however, that glass doors can break easily and are not suitable as the sole barrier to a home.

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