What Your Entry Door Says About You

Porch With Brown Entry Door
You can actually get to know someone by checking the color and design of their front door. The front doors are not only an entrance to your house, it is a portal to your personality. The color of that front door does not only blend well with your exterior color palette, you are making a statement and you should consider what that statement means. Before you reach out for a random coat of paint for your exterior doors, consider what it means and how people will perceive you for your choice.


This means you are classic, serious and chic. The black color can be made playful with colorful accents or made to look strong and authoritative with crisp white trims.


White shows cleanliness, serenity, and simplicity. It means you really like Scandinavian design or you’re just a neat freak.

Dark Wood

This easily goes with many exterior paint colors and usually has a design that allows pets to look outside through the front doors. It also means you are kind and generous to a fault.


This feng shui design philosophy means welcome and is said to bring good luck. The color is linked with action, positive energy, hospitality, and energy.


Light blue is linked with calmness and trust but dark blue spells a traditional person. It works well with brass accessories and the all-time favorite American flag.


Is linked to sophistication and royalty. This shows an artistic collector happy with their life choices.


Reflects wealth and shows a peaceful person. This also shows an autumn lover. A vivid green shade is better than a neutral tone.


Stands for knowledge, dignity, and compromise. This person has an appreciation for subtle beauty and seems uptight.


This person is looking to make an impression and stand out amongst others. Too much of the same design inside shows anxiety but a splash amidst dark spots looks good.

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